01 Mar

Posted by Roger Martin

Back in 2009 the team at Auction Marketer made a strategic decision to partner with a payment gateway provider known as SagePay to help our Auctioneers process online payments after an auction had finished.


At the time most clients were physically posting invoices out to their clients and waiting for the cheques to arrive. They than had to process each transaction manually, wait for the cheques to clear and then release the goods. All in all a slow process that impacted cash flow opportunities and meant it took longer to clear the Saleroom post sale.


Auction Marketer met with Stephen Whittaker from Fellows Auctioneers too discuss the opportunities that adding a payment gateway would bring to them, and Stephen being an entrepreneurial Auctioneer asked us to see what the impact would be if we were to set this up and offer it to his user base with electronic invoices sent by email post sale.


The formula was simple. At the end of the auction the MS Dynamics NAV back office generated PDF invoices for each successful bidder linked to their email address. The Auction Marketer transactional mailing system then deployed a custom email to every bidder with a link to pay their invoice using the online payment system for Auctioneers.


Users clicked on the link and were prompted to log into the web site where they could retrieve their invoice and click on a pay now button that loaded all of the Invoice details into the SagePay system and allowed them to pay by debit or credit card. The relevant security checks were performed by the payment gateway provider and the transaction authorisation details were passed back into NAV by the online payment system for Auctioneers.


The very first time that this process was used following a successful Jewellery sale the impact was phenomenal. A large number of clients paid online on the evening of the sale. The phones next morning were quiet. Cash flow was impacted significantly and the goods despatched must faster. The savings in postage were significant and the beginning of a new era in payment processing for Auctioneers was born.


We quickly deployed the same system but via the use of a non-logged in payment page where users typed in their invoice number and some security details for houses where they use Bidmaster, again to great effect.


The online payment system for Auctioneers is now a fully embedded module in the standard Auction Marketer product and works with SagePay, PayPal and Payment Sense gateways out of the box.


If you feel that Auction Marketer could help you to deliver a better experience for your clients and your staff give us a call on 01604 696385 and ask to speak to a member of our team.

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