07 Mar

Posted by Roger Martin

Auction Alerts are an important part of the modern Auctioneers digital marketing armoury for driving attention and more importantly retention.


A well constructed web site will always include an easy method for prospective bidders to sign up and receive profiled auction alerts by email.


What do we mean by profiled?


Well put simply, we are trying to understand the buyers interests. This means that we can ask them to indicate which sale types, or categories of items they want to receive updates on. This simple and effective profiling will increase reader engagement and open/click rates into your auction catalogues. And most importantly it will build up your data lists with potential buyers and vendors that want to engage with you.


If you go a step further you can also create an online bidder account at the same time and then every one of your auction alerts can work harder to generate pre-sale commission bidding. The Auction Marketer CMS product provides all of this out of the box.


Making your email marketing deliver genuine return on investment.


The key to great email marketing is to prove a return on investment for your auction house. The way to guarantee this is to make sure you are targeting properly, only sending email when its relevant and timely, and making sure that your users can ‘do’ something if they click through on any links.


We’ve found that when our Auction Mailer product is used in combination with the Auction Marketer CMS to highlight items directly from a web catalogue in an Auction Alert, (This is an automated process that non-technical users can easily perform) that open and click rates are strong and when we cross reference the traffic from the mailings to the web site we see a large number of page views and time spent on the specific auction catalogue. Furthermore, the Auction Marketer CMS has deep level reporting that also shows the number and value of bids attributed to each mailing. This level of data is invaluable in assessing the effectiveness of your email marketing. We even have A/B testing tools should you want to experiment with different email subjects or highlighted items to see which gather the best response.


Over time you will find that your own Auction Alert mailings will become one of the most significant channels to build your pre-sale bidding activity and show your buyers taht you have a strong and relevant communications process.


Vendors love Auction Alert Emails


Don’t forget that your Auction Alert emails will also be seen by your vendors. Make sure you add them to your mailing lists… The Auction Alert acts as another piece of marketing for vendors. If you are putting together professionally branded Auction Alerts they act like the Auction Catalogue in showing the vendor that you are serious about marketing their goods.


Its important to add this fact to your vendor pitch. Especially if you have a resonable sized mailing list as you could be generating direct exposure to thousands of potential buyers several times before the sale begins. Remember, the printed catalogue won’t work as hard as that!


Did You Know That Most Of Your Auction Alerts Will Be Opened on a Smartphone?


Well its a fact! Upwards of 80% of email opens across our Auction clients are on mobile phones. Therefore it is absolutley vital that your auction alert emails are fully mobile responsive. The Auction Mailer system does this for you automatically saving time and cost.


Users will read and click on their mobile device to your web site which also needs to be fully mobile repsonsive. The Auction Marketer CMS also provides this out of the box.


To find out more about how the Auction Mailer and Auction Marketer digital marketing toolsets can help your Auction House please call 01604 696385 or request a demo/download a brochure on the web site.


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