23 Dec

Posted by Roger Martin

Following on from the successful launch of our online only timed auction software module as used successfully at a number of Auctioneers including Sworders’ the development team at Auction Marketer have been busy building out the first ‘bid up now’ timed auction solution.


In consultation with a number of our clients we realised that the traditional timed auction platform didn’t seem to grab the attention of bidders in the Fine Art & Antiques auction vertical. However, everyone agreed that online only auctions are part of the future for any forward thinking Auctioneer and not having it would not be an option in 2017. Something more alive and dynamic was needed.


Creating a Next Generation Timed Auction Solution


The team hunkered down to create something as close to a real auction as possible without being there…


After 6 weeks of pure development and testing the all new timed auction solution premiered at Forum Auctions in London on the 20th October 2016 and was extremely successful.


The new timed auction platform meant that bidders were active right up to the last second of the sale because once a lot entered the last minute of its listing the traditional bid overlay changed to a ‘Bid Up’ button that allowed the users to bid in real time against each other using the next increment. The uplift in bidder activity was fierce, with a number of bidders calling the Auctioneer after the sale to say how exciting and realistic the process was.


“Bidders commented on how exciting the ‘Bid Up Now’ feature was during the sale”.


The timed auction solution is now being made available to everyone and can be used as follows;


  • As part of the BidMaster/Pacts Auction Marketer integrations via a module add-on
  • As part of the Gap Office Auction Marketer integration via a module add-on
  • Fully integrated to the Auction Marketer and Auction EVO NAV solution

A Timed Auction Solution For Every Auctioneer


But the really exciting news is that Auction marketer are making the timed auction solution available to Auctioneers as a stand alone product as well with branding options to match your existing web site. The timed auction online only bidding platform is served via a sub domain, as in ‘auction marketer.yourdomain.com’.


This option provides a genuine go to market solution for forward thinking Auctioneers, and if you want to migrate to the full Auction Marketer toolset at a later date, its all integrated and easy to achieve.


With some very attractive pricing deals and on boarding available from January 2017 we think it makes sense for Auctioneers to take a look at the all new ‘Bid Up Now’ timed auction solution from Auction Marketer as soon as possible. Call us on 01604 695800 or email info@auctionmarketer.co.uk for more information.


Our timed auction solution demo with ‘Bid Up Now’ technology can be seen here, check it out today…


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