11 Jan

Posted by Roger Martin

Today’s topic is online payment processing techniques for Auctioneers. We have found that an area that the Auction Industry has been slow to adopt is the secure online processing of their buyer invoices. It is important in 2017 that you give buyers an easy way to make online payments direct to your Auction business.


We know from experience that established back office systems generate user invoices that can be emailed out, but they don’t give users a fast and easy way to make payments online using a responsive front end web page . In a previous post we talked about the reliance on third party aggregators to deliver new buyers, and that those buyers are now becoming more and more geographically dispersed. The days of clients walking in and queuing to pay at the cash office are no more, and the onus is on the Auctioneer to chase buyers. Sometimes from across the globe…


All versions of Auction Marketer are supplied with online payment pages, both for registered and unregistered users. Adding a simple link to your buyer invoices will drive users to the secure online payment page where they can effectively ‘check out’.


Getting Payments in Faster – Online Payment Processing


Our clients have found that within weeks of adding the payment links to invoices, they have been collecting far more money on the day and day after sale. All of this helps cashflow, means vendors get paid faster, increases confidence in the business, and gets items out of the way quicker!


Online payment processing has come on leaps and bounds recently and there are accessible payment solutions for established businesses from;

  • WorldPay
  • SagePay
  • Payment Sense

and some of the independent providers are proving popular;

  • Stripe
  • PayPal

Processing your auction invoices online is secure when using any of the systems above. The common denominator is that they all process the users card details off site. This means that you are removed from scope for PCI compliance as you don’t hold any of the users card details on your own systems.


In summary, it makes absolute sense to have an online payment portal for your users. Auction Marketer provides this out of the box.


Organising a demonstration of the Auction Marketer product is as easy as calling +44 1604 695800.


A secure online payment processing page will help get Auction Invoices settled faster.
A secure online payment processing page will help get Auction Invoices settled faster.



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