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2017 to date

Weekly Online Only Agri-Vehicle Auctions

Adam Hewitt needed a web based solution to run his start-up agri auction business, and he needed it fast. Auction Marketer stepped in to deliver a full web site solution, back office and online timed bidding solution delivered in under 9 weeks.

Hewitt needed to be able to prepare weekly auctions on the platform fast, and have the ability to have more than one auction running and accepting bids at the same time.

The Auction Marketer solution allowed this out of the box and within weeks of launching, the business was flying.

At Auction Marketer we support industrial and commercial auctioneers with back office, timed online auction and live webcast solutions utilising our industry specific software modules.

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Annual Bidder Membership

Hewitt's needed to make sure that bidders on their platform were serious. They approached the team at Auction Marketer to scope out and build a membership system for BidOffice that charges bidders an annual fee to bid using the platform. This solution weeded out anyone who might look to bid fraudulently.

Furthermore customisations were made to the system to allow users to tell the auction platform whether they were a straight bidder, or an approved dismatler. Cetain lots can then be flagged as only biddable for dismantlers, once more minimising the amount of administration required on bidders pre and post sale.

The platform now sees a high volume of bidders and bids per lot, continuing to grow as the platform becomes better known and is generating very healthy revenues, all from a simple standing start thanks to the flexibility of the Auction Marketer auction management solutions.

If you'd like to see the system in action please visit the Adam Hewitt web site, or contact us for an online demonstration of the Auction Marketer software suite for industrial auctioneers.