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2006 to date


BidStream Drives Up Bid Value

Fellows Auctioneers, established 1876 and based in London and Birmingham, England are specialists in the sale of luxury goods.

Auction Marketer have been working with Fellows since 2006 to deliver innovative internet solutions and digital marketing services and Fellows are seen as a leader in the adoption of online auction technology in the UK.

Most recently, and in conjunction with the expert team at Fellows Auctioneers we scoped, designed and built the 'BidStream' private label live bidding solution using the latest web technologies in order to provide an online solution for Fellows large online bidding audience to counter the auction aggregation platforms expensive 'internet bidding fees'.

The truly single sign-on, mobile friendly live webcast bidding solution (BidStream), has been driving up bid volumes and values from the word go whilst giving Fellows buyers a 0% Internet bidding experience. The migration of bidders from aggregation platforms has led to BidStream being by far and away the most used platform on sale days. Not just because of cost, but also due to ease of use and the online experience.

The live bidding view that the bidder gets is truly intuitive to use and allows them to bid on the go using their mobile phone. (We've witnessed buyers in the room using their phones to bid at the auction they are attending to remain anonymous because there are no additional fees!)

Fellows believe passionately about bidder transparency and the BidStream system includes a breakdown of fees payable whilst bidding and even has a spend accumulator tool where bidders can set a spend advisory to warn them if current bid totals are approaching their chosen limit.

Prior to any live sale bidders at Fellows can choose to use advanced auto bidding, (AAB) to be kept informed as to whether their absentee bids are still active or outbid. This helps bidders to remain engaged with the sale and choose to increase their bids, make sure they are watching the live sale or move bids to other similar items. The range of choices for bidders is an important business driver for Fellows, and Auction Marketer work closely with them to help deliver these technology solutions to remain a competitive and class leading auctioneer.

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0% Fees and Full Control of Bidder Data

Having an integrated live bidding solution allows Fellows to waive the additional 'internet bidding' fees seen elsewhere and the total visibility of underbidders on the BidStream platform allows Fellows to communicate and market effectively with everyone that registers for a sale or places a bid. Something that is notoriously difficult to do on aggregation platforms.

It doesn't stop there though. The integrated timed online only bidding solution within Bidstream also gives Fellows a complete platform to run timed auctions, and they are now running these to close alongside live sales giving buyers even more buying opportunities. Fellows have had white glove sales in this medium seeing a plethora of new bidders and it has been successful beyond their wildest expectations. This is enabling Fellows to hold more auctions of mid range items with less operational cost to a new and engaged online audience.

The ROI of the BidStream project has been very positive and the extended real time integration with Evo Auction NAV makes the whole system completely automated with Fellows back office, making it operationally efficient.

Features of the BidStream Private Label Live Bidding Solution include;

• Video/Audio Live Bidding with single sign on for clients including Smartphones

• Timed Online Only Bidding

• Easy to use auction set up console tools

• In the room clerking tool with bid source

• Room screens with bid source

• Auctioneer screen with bid source

If you'd like to see the system in action please visit the Fellows web site, or contact us for an online demonstration of the Auction Marketer software suite.