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Auctions Made Easy...

The all in one auction house software system trusted by auctioneers since 2006.

- Easy to edit mobile responsive websites
- Commission, timed and live bidding
- Internal or external* auction back office
- Online invoicing and payments

Tailor made for Fine Art, Property, Vehicle, Equestrian, Commercial and Industrial Auctioneers, with peer to peer and marketplace auction modules too.

Make sure you add us to your RFI or tender process when evaluating or reviewing your auction management solution.

* Evo Auction NAV or ATG GAP Office integrations

Everything You Need to Build a Better Auction Business

Mobile Responsive Websites

Built for non-technical users our website solution gives you control, whilst promoting your brand with class leading design and usability.
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Intuitive Auction Back Office

Whether you use our version or our EvoAuction Integration, you can run every aspect of your auction business with ease.
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Complete Bidding Platform

Your own private label single sign on platform for commission, timed and live video/audio auctions shows users you are serious.
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Grow your online auction business, own your hard earned data and give your clients the first class experience they expect...

Make it easy for clients to do business with you. Provide vendors and buyers with a simple to use personalised web management portal they'll love using.

Our low cost of ownership and operational effectiveness justifies migration from legacy platforms or aggregators.

Easy for your internal teams to use, you can deliver positive change across your business with our proven auction software solution and mobile friendly web site.

Private label live video and online only bidding platforms truly embedded in your auction business

We took the best in class and made it better.
Desktop and mobile live video/audio auction streaming and bidding, single sign on, fast clerking and easy user interface.

Bidstream cuts down the calls to you on auction day and delivers the highest return of any live bidding channels*

* Our private label clients see much higher bidding with BidStream than any other live bidding channel.
Auction Stats

We process in excess of £1 billion of  bids a year for our clients - with no % fees

Across This Many Registered Users


Placing This Many Bids


On This Number of Unique Lots


And This Many Auctions


Class Leading Auction Software Solutions

Bid Commerce
The easy to manage responsive front end web site solution tailored for auctioneers
The simple to use integrated auction back office solution
Bid Stream
Private label video/audio and online timed bidding solutions with single
Bid Marketplace
For auctioneers that need to run peer to peer auctions and enable self consignment tools

Partnering with our clients to deliver online auction innovation

— A Few Clients

The auction management software for all auction types

Specialist Auctioneers
If you specialise in a particular area our software will make it easy for you to configure attributes specific to your auction business.
Fine Art Auctioneers
We've got you covered. Beautiful aesthetic design, easy to upload photography modules and VAT, export duty and ARR covered.
Property Auctioneers
We've developed the modules to make property consignment and contracts easy, as well as API's to the leading online property portals,
Industrial Auctioneers
Our timed online solution is easy to use and allows single lot to multi 1000 lot auctions. Plus our 'Listing Centre' tool lets your clients add items for sale easily.
Commercial Auctioneers
Bidstream timed high volume is designed for commercial auctioneers running multiple sales with 1000's of items and bidders.
Vehicle Auctioneers
Our timed online solution features DVLA and HPI look ups, and our online dent and scratch visualiser adds relevancy to your listings.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Do you provide the graphical design elements for the web site?

Yes. We offer styling for clients using our 'base' products and a full graphic design service for clients choosing our enterprise platform. Customers on the base product benefit from our tried and tested templates that have been proven in dozens of implementations across different auction verticals and are all fully mobile responsive.

What is the difference between your back office and the Evo Auction solution?

The Auction Marketer auction management software, BidOffice, is designed to enable auctioneers to manage vendors, buyers, consignments, inventory, lotting, bid processing, invoicing , statements and online payments. It is not designed to act as a financial management system and chart of accounts whereas the Evo Auction ERP system using Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise level solution that we have developed a full integration to for larger auctioneers. We charge a licence fee per user for the back office that includes product support and upgrades, hosting and training.

What is 'timed' bidding?

Often referred to as online only auctions, timed bidding is a process whereby there is no auctioneer in the room, but the sale runs online only with each item counting down to an end point. Bidders are able to leave bids at any time dating the countdown and allmusers can see the number of different bidders and the current executed bid. To avoid 'bid sniping' bid timers extend when bids are placed in the last 30 seconds of a bid countdown. The platform is fully configurable to suit your exacting requirements.

What does Bidstream come with and how is it charged?

BidStream live bidding is a full private label video and audio bidding platform integrated to our products and benefits from single sign on. This means that your users only need one login to interact with your entire auction business. Features include bidder limit advisories, easy clerking system that tells all users where the current bid is being executed, (room, 3rd party platform, live online, telephone etc) and comes with room and auctioneer screens and advanced auto bidding options. We offer two charging structures, fixed fee to allow auctioneers to offer 0% online bidding to their clients and a % model where we bill you post sale for all items sold on the platform.

How long does it take to launch an Auction Marketer solution online?

Our base product platform can be rolled out in under 4 weeks. Our enterprise systems typically take 3-4 months, as do our integrations to Evo Auction and the ATG's GAP system. For bespoke builds with custom functionality and coding we provide a full functional specification service and project timing plan.

Can I speak to someone about Auction Marketer and book an online demo?

Absolutely, we are a friendly bunch! Just call us on +44 1604 695800 or email and we'll get back to you to arrange a discovery call and product demonstration online.

Discover how Auction Marketer can deliver on your business goals today...

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