Plant & Agricultural
Auction Software

We deliver robust auction technology to some of the leading plant and agricultural auctioneers in the UK.

Our BidStreamTM software supports live stream and timed auctions with the option of a full integration to the Auction Evo back-office technology from Microsoft 365 Business Central ERP, making enterprise level inventory and finance management at scale easy.

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Commercial and Industrial Auction SoftwareAgri and Livestock Auction Software

Industrial Auction Technology

Our auction software empowers our partner auctioneers to hold concurrent multi session, multi-site day and weekly sales with 1000's of items per sale. We have live webcast solutions for mobile, off-site and fixed site auctions, and our timed auction technology is perfect for high volume auctions of retail returns and excess stock disposals.

Bidder Profiling

Run every auction exactly how you want, offering tailored experiences for different types of bidders.

You can determine a bidder type at registration - for instance, a licensed dismantler/breaker or an agri dealer vs a normal trade or private bidder - allowing you to limit which lots different user types can bid on.

Fully profile your bidders by asking for supporting information or deposits where necessary, putting you in control of risk management and determining which auctions users can participate in, public, trade or private.

Easily process deposit payments ahead of each auction for new buyers, processed by card or open banking solutions. Manage credit limits for bidders in real time.

Auction Bidder Profiling
Auction Bidding Software

Pre-Bidding, Auto Bidding & Take Out Bids

Users participating in live or timed auctions can leave pre or maximum bids safe in the knowledge that the platform will bid fairly on their behalf automatically.

We also offer the option for users in timed auctions to place take out bids as an item is closing. This lets a user place a bid many increments above the current bid to take out other bidders. This function will still extend the lot finish time to stop bid sniping, but it avoids small increment bidding on closing items that can make timed auctions extend unnecessarily..

Group / Parcel Lots

For clients using BidStreamTM live webcast bidding there is an option with our industrial / commercial module to offer lots as a parcel or grouped lot.

End users are given a choice option as the lot opens allowing them to select the lots they are interested in bidding on from the defined group, that follows the first item. If they win the first item they are given the option to buy the other items at the same price. A countdown timer shows to the individual bidder and they can opt to take all of the other lots at the same price or just some of them.

The lots that are not taken are released back for sale when the timer ends allowing the auctioneer to offer them to the remaining bidders at the price of the first lot. If there are no takers the auctioneer will reduce the ask until a bid is placed.

Group and Parcel Lot Software Solutions
Live Auction Streaming to Websites

Home Page Auction Streaming

One of the headaches with a lot of auction websites is the number of clicks or logins required to actually see an auction taking place.

BidStreamTM makes it easier than ever for your clients to see your live stream auction taking place in real-time with our ground breaking 'Homepage Takeover' technology.

When an auction is live and streaming, your clients see it as soon as they land on your home page. With their attention captured, they can sign-up or log in directly. No more searching for the auction, calling your team to help them find it, or simply leaving...

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Know Your Customer

Our registration processes can be customised to capture as much information as you need on individuals, companies, directors etc. Putting you in control of whether you ask for deposits to be held prior to bidding using Open Banking solutions.

Auction KYC Software Solutions

Protect your auction house from, and prevent, money laundering with dynamic registration services and security checks. Our registration processes combine the complex checks required for compliance with the ease and efficiency your clients deserve.

Keep it simple and strategic for your compliance teams. We offer multiple pre-auction options including phone verification and card tokenisation techniques alongside ID upload tools and integrations with leading ID verification providers such as ID3 and their Liveness checks.

Auction KYC Software Solutions

Vertical Ready Out of the Box

We’ve been transforming auctions and adding value to our auction partners since 2006 by designing and building our platform to work for all verticals. No more trying to make an industrial platform work for fine art or a fine art system for classic vehicles! Take a look at the auction technology designed to service multiple verticals...

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