Timed Auction Software

The Covid-19 Pandemic drove the rapid adoption of online only auctions across the professional auction community.

BidstreamTM timed auction software was quickly installed and improved in collaboration with our auction partners, to the point that it now generates millions of revenue on a daily basis across our client portfolio representing over a 3rd of all auctions held.

One of the main challenges of running timed auction software with auction aggregator platforms is that fees will apply to every lot hammered. With BidStreamTM you benefit from a fixed monthly cost to run as many auctions as you need, plus we have an intuitive toolset to help manage bidding on our platform whilst operating multiple aggregator platforms.

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Private Label Online Only Auction Software

Run timed auction software as part of our all in one solution or as a bolt on to your existing website. Buyers are now actively bidding at much higher values in timed online only auctions, we've worked with our auction partners to release the Bid-Up-NowTM feature that recreates the thrill and excitement of in-person auctions making this technology even more compelling for bidders.


Customise - No more off the shelf

Most timed online bidding software tends to be one size fits all. We've worked with our client portfolio to build in customisation to suit their specific requirements.

For example, options to completely control the timing between lots, extend all lots if bidding is active, control the anti-snipe extensions at the sale level, add Bid-up-NowTM to lots that are ending.

And as with all of our software products we can style the user interface to suit your business model and vertical giving your users the best experience.

Online timed auction software
Anti bid sniping software

Anti Bid Sniping Tools

All of our timed online bidding solutions have anti-sniping tools in place. You can decide how long an items bid window extends if a user leaves a bid in the very last millisecond and you can add policies to extend all of the following lots by the same time to make your timed auctions truly linear - just like the actuol Saleroom!


Our extensive use case testing on timed online auctions in conjunction with our user base highlighted that adding a maximum bid value manually as a lot closes is clunky and can lead to bidders missing out as an item before it closes.

This led to our team developing the class leading 'Bid up NowTM' solution for timed auctions. Simply, when an item is in the anti-sniping window, the bid entry area changes to a button that when clicked bids up to the next increment, just as it would in a live online sale. This makes is it easy to get those last second bids in, and makes the timed auction more exciting for bidders!

BidUpNow Timed Auction Software
Mobile responsive auction software

All Devices - Be Responsive

We learned that users on desktop and mobile interact with timed auctions differently. It was important for us to create highly customised views for mobile so that bidders know exactly which lot they are bidding on as lots end.

The BidstreamTM timed auction experience on mobile feels and acts like an app making it really easy for bidding on the go, and our realtime software works at low connection speeds so its perfect for mobile devices.

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Money Laundering

With the new 10K limit, are you sure that you have made the necessary checks and store data to back these up?

Ongoing Compliance

Can you track the lifetime value of a client to see whether there are any buying trends that might trigger an AML investigation?

Vendor Management

Do you have protocols in place to manage vendors and understand their position in relation to AML5 over time?

So, what does it do?

Auction Office

Empower your team, enhance your efficiencies, and expand your auction house with our back office solution. Consign, describe, lot, clerk, invoice, ship and inventory manage in one place with simple but sophisticated auction management tools that combines accounting, communication, and reporting.

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