Bespoke Auction Software

Most of the auction software packages on the market are a one size fits all with minor customisations. At Auction Marketer, we happily collaborate with our clients to create auction management software that matches their requirements exactly.

We work with your teams to develop client specific modules that attach to our core auction software, making business specific requirement delivery flexible, affordable, easy to support and fast to complete

Our clients have gained competitive advantage and increased operational effectiveness by leveraging our dedicated bespoke software development teams to customise their auction software platforms.

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Bespoke Auction Management Software

We know how to make the complex simple. With nearly 20 years of auction software delivery experience under our belt, we’ve usually got a solution close to your requirements. Utilising our library of bespoke modules and innovative auction specific technology solutions built over many years of software development, conducted on the ground alongside experienced auctioneers, we can build the bespoke auction solution you need, faster and more cost effectively than you would imagine.

We welcome submission of auction software RFI / ITT's for consideration. Our specialism is in delivering empowering digital transformation tailored to your specification, including multiple integrations to third party API's rather than the boxed one size fits all solutions common on the auction software market today.


Single sign on

Do away with multiple logins and password combinations with our single sign-on features. We offer the ability to bolt your auction software onto existing web architecture, maintaining a single sign-on between systems such as your content web site or E-commerce solution..

Single sign on auction software

Back Office Connectivity

Are you already running a large ERP system? Do you need a bespoke auction management software solution that works with your existing infrastructure?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as we can link directly with your systems whether its MS Dynamics, NAV/CRM, NetSuite, Hubspot or an in-house software solution.

Private Label Bidding

We can completely bespoke the look, feel, and function of our private label live bidding solution for your business. Whether that's creating a unique front end user experience or an industry specific solution, we have a track record of creating the right solution for your audiences.

We also have cutting edge clerking tools for timed and live bidding to help you reduce the friction of running your private label alongside bidder aggregation platforms - get in touch to find out more.


Legislation is getting tighter for the auction industry and we can help to craft operationally effective KYC solutions in step with 3rd party providers such as ID3 and Stripe Identity. Plus we even have our own secure cloud asset storage systems that can be utilised for safe user ID storage and retrieval. For luxury high value and property auctioneers we can bespoke the onboarding and compliance processes to ensure your users get a great onboarding experience whilst you are fully AML compliant.


Money Laundering

We have multiple solutions to ensure that you trigger the right AML checks throughout your buyer and vendor lifecycles and can evidence to the authorities as required.

Ongoing Compliance

Can you track the lifetime value of a client to see whether there are any buying trends that might trigger an AML investigation? We help you to manage this automatically through the client lifecycle with your auction business.

Vendor Management

Do you have protocols in place to manage vendors and understand their position in relation to AML5 over time? Our systems are designed to trigger warnings when vendor consignments need further AML checks.

Vertical Specific Customisations

We can help to deliver bespoke features for different auction verticals. From Registration plate look ups and scratch/damage identifiers for car auctioneers, property location pins on maps and RightMove integrations for property auctioneers, SEO effective web directories to promote upcoming and sold lots by artist/author/winemaker and a novel system of extended attributes for lot describers that works across all auction verticals all help to deliver digital transformation for your auction business.

So, what does it do?

Auction Marketplace Software Solutions

Imagine an infinite auction that sellers can add to at any time. The peer to peer marketplace is a powerful opportunity for businesses that have a lot of vertical focused buyers.

Through the use of network effects you can bring sellers in front of a qualified buyer audience and profit from sale made.

Our auction marketplace solutions can be tailored to your vertical and can operate as both managed, curated and peer to peer.

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Auction marketplace software

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