Vehicle Auctions Software

The Auction Marketer platform has a specific set of modules for the sale of vehicles, whether classic, contemporary, trade or agricultural.

We've worked with our partner auctioneers to develop custom endpoints to interact with the DVLA, HPI checks and outstanding borrowing on vehicles, alongside tools to illustrate vehicle condition,

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Vehicle Auction SoftwareClassic Car Auction Software

Vehicle Auction Technology

We partner with our clients Silverstone Auctions, Classic Car Auctions, John Pye Vehicles and Adam Hewitt, to innovate in the vehicle auction software space. We also offer a full integration with the EvoAuction ERP from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, to provide one of the most comprehensive enterprise level auction back office solutions for vehicles in the UK today.

Classic Vehicle Auction Technology

Homepage Takeover

Classic vehicle auctions are events and experiences in their own right. We worked with Silverstone Auctions to deliver the world's first livestream auction takeover on their home page with a new release of our BidstreamTM live auction technology.

The BidstreamTM 'Homepage Takeover' developed by Auction Marketer drives web visitors into live auctions faster, delivers more new registrants, reduces confusion for existing users, cuts down on phone enquiries on auction day and ultimately makes streamed auctions far more visible to everyone. A simple idea that really works...

Numberplate Look-up

One of the fastest ways to view standard vehicle information back is with the DVLA approved numberplate look-up endpoint that we have developed.

Make consigning vehicles into your platform faster and easier, especially for user driven valuation requests. Users need only add their vehicle numberplate, check that it returns the correct vehicle, add the mileage and any condition notes with their details and you get all the information you need to start the valuation process written directly into your valuation and consignment flows in our auction back office..

HPI Checks for Auction Software

HPI Vehicle Checker

Auction Marketer has multiple software endpoints to interact with HPI checking software to return any issues with outstanding credit on any vehicle that is put forward for consignment.

Stolen car checks - Our optional tools will return any history involving the theft/recovery or write off relating to a vehicle.

Optional log book checks. recorded mileages, is the MOT current, what colour should the vehicle be? We can help you to automatically retrieve this important data at the valuation and consignment stages.

Vehicle Listing Tools

The Auction Marketer platform also supports user generated auction listings for curated auctions or peer to peer auctions.

Our easy item listing tools provide user friendly multi-step forms so that your team or independent sellers can consign and lot items easily. Whether from a mobile device when with the vehicle, uploading photos and videos on the go or later on back at base.

Items can then be saved in draft to complete later, or consigned directly to an auction. For users that prefer to bulk upload, our bulk upload tools with drag and drop functionality for both spreadsheets and images make this process painless.

Auction Listing Tools for Vehicles
Vehicle Dent/Scratch Software Tool

Vehicle Dent/Scratch Tool

Auction Marketer have also worked closely with clients to develop a user friendly tool to help the creation of accurate and detailed vehicle lot descriptions.

This can be used at both the valuation or consignment points of the item describing journey. The tool makes is really easy to add a record of cracks, scuffs, and scratches to specific areas of the vehicle via a drag and drop tool, giving potential buyers full transparency on the condition of the vehicle.

The top down view of the vehicle can then shown along with the photos and videos on the website, making the online presentation for each vehicle complete.

Auction Deposit Payments

Sometimes its important to be able to secure buyer commitment through the use of deposit payments.

Auction Marketer gives you the control to set deposits at user, auction and individual lot level. These can be processed via a standard card processor or using the newer Open Banking systems that are now available.

If a bidder does not win an item, its easy to reverse the payments back onto their card or bank account. The system can be used on both the traditional and marketplace auction platform technologies from Auction Marketer.

Vertical Ready Out of the Box

We’ve been transforming auctions and adding value to our auction partners since 2006 by designing and building our platform to work for all verticals. No more trying to make an industrial platform work for fine art or a fine art system for classic vehicles! Take a look at the auction technology designed to service multiple verticals...

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