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Wine Auction Marketplace – Innovating in Peer 2 Peer and Curated Auctions

Bid for Wine needed a new marketplace solution that would serve their private sellers as well as supporting regular curated auctions on the platform and other 3rd party auctioneers looking to sell to their 25,000 fine wine aficionado buyer audience.

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Here’s what happened when
Bid for Wine
chose to take their auction house to the next level

Wine Auction Marketplace – Innovating in Peer 2 Peer and Curated Auctions

Auction Marketer built a marketplace solution using ourBidstreamTM timed online auction solution, modified to provide an infinite auction experience alongside traditional single auctions.

Their main pain point was that listing wines on the platform was not easy. Auction Marketer researched the wine industry and discovered that a user interface could be developed that was linked to the LWIN database of wines. This allowed them to construct a normalised wine database which would make listings consistent and highly search effective.

 The net result was that listing a wine could be achieved in a fraction of the time taken previously, data was accurate and every listinghad its related LWIN code which could be used in categorisation and indexing.

The Wine Directory – Helping Sellers Understand Value andEnhancing SEO

 Another initiative introduced by the Auction Marketer team was the Wine Directory, a simple tool linked back to the LWIN datasets to display wines by their maker and show items currently for sale on the platform,or that had sold previously.

 The directory works well as a price guide for users looking to sell their wines and a pleasant side effect is that the directory helps with search engine optimisation (SEO) of the entire auction platform, exposing it to an even wider audience of buyers and sellers.

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