Private Label Live Auction Software

The BidstreamTM live bidding software has sub one second video webcast latency on desktop and mobile devices.

Run it as part of our complete auction solution or as a standalone private label bolt on to your current website.

Our live bidding software comes complete with customisable modules to deliver the best user experiences for pre-auction bids, live bidding, clerking, the auctioneer info screen and room screens.

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Live Auction Software

Live Bidding Software with Customisation

BidstreamTM is not a one fit solution for all, we work with your teams to identify pain points and make sure that our solutions work to relieve them. Whether its our class leading 'home page takeover' streaming, competitive advanced auto bidding, cut bidding, parcel lot management or rapid/high value clerking tools, we tailor BidstreamTM to provide the ultimate user outcomes for your team, your clients and prospects. Book a demo today.

Bidder Approvals

Bidders need an easy way to get approved to bid at your live auctions, and you need to be confident that they can be trusted. We will work with you to create the right journey for your bidders based on our collective experience of working with other auctioneers.

Fast debit/credit card tokenisation processes for lower value sales, through to 'Liveness' checks and deposit payments using open banking for higher value sales, and even per lot deposit payments. Plus, if you use our EvoSoft NAV integrations we can employ complex real time rule checking based on previous bidder interactions.

BidstreamTM also ships with optional Two Factor Authentication (2FA) tools for both admin and end user logins to increase security on the platform..

Homepage Takeover

Classic vehicle auctions are events and experiences in their own right. We worked with Silverstone Auctions to deliver the world's first livestream auction takeover on their home page with a new release of our BidstreamTM technology.

The BidstreamTM 'homepage takeover' developed by Auction Marketer drives people into live auctions faster, delivers more new registrants, reduces confusion for existing users, cuts down on phone enquiries on auction day and ultimately makes your auctions much more visible to everyone. A simple idea that really works...

Homepage Takeover by Bidstream

Bid Live on Any Device
Integrated or Standalone Solutions

BidstreamTM is designed to work across all devices, and what's more unlike our competitor products we can design and build your live auction screen to suit your exacting requirements.

Internet bidders are fully informed at all bidding stages, including where their bid is undone in favour of another source or placed after a hammer drops.

Customise the mobile bidding views to suit your client use cases. Move elements around to provide the ultimate user experience. No need to use mobile apps for live bidding!

Run Bidstream as part of our complete auction technology solution or as a private label solution bolted onto your existing website. We can add user logins to your existing site to make everything look, feel and work as one.

Responsive Live Bidding Software

Easy Clerking

BidtsreamTM Auction Clerking has been designed from the ground up to make it easy to use based on multiple installations across some of the busiest auctioneers in Europe. Plus, we can customise it to suit your environment.

With clear labelling for bidder sources, echoing into the live bidding, auctioneer and room screens, bidders know instantly where the bid is and what the ask is. Pre-auction and autobids auto execute in the clerking system making it easy for clerks and auctioneers to keep the auction running smoothly.

Clerking across multiple platforms is intuitive too, with our hammer ID input system to match 3rd party platform users easily.

If you are using the EvoAuction (NAV) product, BidstreamTM clerking writes every bid into the back office in real time ready for in the room invoicing throughout the auction.

Simple live auction clerking software
Live auctioneer and auction room screen software

Auctioneer & Room Screens

BidstreamTM room screens can be completely customised to suit your needs. You can show multiple images, rotate through images, add multiple currencies and more. Plus, it shows the bid source and asking bid to everyone so they know exactly where the bid is.

BidstreamTM auctioneer screens are designed to show the most relevant information in real time. The bid source, country and city for online bidders, multiple colours for bid locations, autobids and the all important last lot winner ID to help with paper clerking and keep the auctioneer fully informed at all times.

Live Business Intelligence

BidstreamTM has a full real time reporting suite for auctioneers to see exactly how the live sale is perfoming. With stats per source, including 3rd party platforms, the current value of your sale vs low estimate and reserve and more.

Every single bid is recorded with its source and status including clear labelling for bids that have been undone along with a timestamp and identifying IP address for online bids. You also see every single underbid and its source.

This is all linked up to a post sale invoicing system making it simple to issue invoices for online payment as soon as you've completed your post sale checks.

If you run post sale offers the system will instantly identify all of your unsolds and allow you to list them in a post auction offer sale within hours of the auction ending.

Auction Business Intelligence Software
Integration to EvoAuction ERP software

EvoAuction - NAV integration

Auction Marketer and EvoSoft work together to provide a world class integration between their software systems. EvoAuction provides an enterprise level ERP back office system for auctioneers that includes inventory management, bar code scanning, auction management, paperwork management and the most complete financial management reporting and accounting on the market today, powered by Microsoft Business Dynamics.

Auction Marketer enables the power of these back office systems to integrate in real time with enterprise level web based CMS, user management, bidding and online payment software in the Cloud, creating the most complete user back office auction experience on the market.

Jointly developed over 15 years with an ever growing partnership of auctioneers, this modern set of API libraries is truly game changing for auctioneers looking to deliver true digital transformation and growth for their business aligned with operational simplicity.

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Money Laundering

With the new 10K limit, are you sure that you have made the necessary checks and store data to back these up?

Ongoing Compliance

Can you track the lifetime value of a client to see whether there are any buying trends that might trigger an AML investigation?

Vendor Management

Do you have protocols in place to manage vendors and understand their position in relation to AML5 over time?

So, what does it do?

Timed Bidding

Grow your timed auctions and gain traction with our online only auction software solutions. Empower your team with easy auction configuration and management using our vertical ready software. Use our innovative technology to add excitement to your online auctions, creating the ultimate timed auction experience.

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Live auctions

From one simple online console BidStream lets you start live webcast auctions, clerk in realtime, show bids and their source on the room screen and online, whilst admin users view a live track of hammer results. and % of sale value against estimate.

Responsible Bidding

Bidstream illustrates auction fees in real time for every active bidder at the individual lot level; plus our optional total spend limit wizard warns bidders when they approach a self imposed total hammer limit during the live auction.

Single Login

BidStream is a truly single sign-on solution meaning that your clients can register, leave commission bids, interact with timed sales, leave advanced autobids, bid on the live video webcast auction and view and pay their invoices with a single set of credentials all in one place!