- 3 min read

Timed online auctions re increasingly becoming an important driver for growth and new bidders at forward thinking auctioneers...

— 4 min read

With affordable private label live bidding solutions for auctioneers a reality in 2020, will we finally see smart auctioneers moving away from a singular reliance on aggregation platforms?

— 15 min read

Originally published May 2017, updated Jan 2020 Auction Aggregators have quietly and successfully become a key element in the digital auction landscape and are here to stay...

— 5 min read

Auction Marketer has developed a technology that drives email automation for auctioneers based on prospect and client actions and transactions that take place on the web site.

— 7 min read

2017 will be a milestone year for Auctioneers as they wrestle with the balance between the advantages of the online aggregators and the power of their own online brand.