Auction Marketplace Software

Online auction marketplaces are becoming very popular, for peer to peer and curated solutions for SME's, specialists and corporate brands looking to clear excess stock.

Part of our auction technology infrastructure includes a full featured, customisable auction marketplace solution as used by market leaders such as Bid for Wine, Auto Auctions and Ekonnect storage solutions.

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Auction Marketplace Software

What is an Auction Marketplace?

Imagine an infinite auction, that is constantly added to by either your in-house team or independent sellers. You have the audience of buyers that sellers need and therefore add value to the marketplace via the network effect.

Sellers can list items using simple selling widgets and decide when they want their items to end and whether they have a reserve fee. You make a 'cut' of every sale by charging the vendor and seller a small fee when the item sells.

Peer to Peer

The auction marketplace software comes with a customisable item listing widget making it friction-free for new sellers to register and add listings to the platform really quickly.

Once listed, items show in date/time finishing order on the marketplace and are added to a daily listings email that goes out to the platfroms buying audience each morning.

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Check out this example from the Bid for Wine marketplace.

Peer 2 Peer Listing Tools
Auction Marketplace Software

Control Client Fees

The marketplace software has a control panel that enables easy management of the fees you charge both buyers and sellers.

You can set;

- Listing fees
- Reserve fees
- Seller fees on a sliding scale
- Buyer fees on a sliding scale
- Relisting fees
- Listing promotions
- Minimum and maximum listing windows

Automated Fee Processing

Our auction marketplace software comes with full integration to Stripe tokenised payments meaning that listing/reserve fees are taken at the point of publishing items. Buyer and seller fees can be triggered on hammer, on despatch, or on receipt of goods.

Seller Ratings

Marketplace reputation is very important with peer to peer configurations. That's why our platform has a full seller rating and listing history directory built-in so that sellers are motivated to provide good service to buyers.

Buyers can easily see a seller's history, and they can message each other anonymously to ask questions about an item they are interested in bidding on, directly from the item or their 'my account' area.

We also have a curated public Q&A module so you can decide which buyer questions and seller answers can show publicly on items, cutting soon on additional questions.

Auction Marketplace Software
Automated triggered auction emails

Triggered Emails

Buyers and sellers are kept in the loop throughout the buying and selling process with triggered emails that auto fire for bids, outbid, invoicing, questions, fees and shipping – instantly.

We also have a triggered preferences email that auto deploys to buyer and seller audiences every morning promoting newly added items that match their preferences. This keeps buyers engaged and increases seller confidence in the marketplace.

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Money Laundering

With the new 10K limit, are you sure that you have made the necessary checks and store data to back these up?

Ongoing Compliance

Can you track the lifetime value of a client to see whether there are any buying trends that might trigger an AML investigation?

Vendor Management

Do you have protocols in place to manage vendors and understand their position in relation to AML5 over time?

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So, what does it do?

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