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EvoSoft EvoAuction NAV, ATG GAP, NetSuite

Whether you need your auction business to 'plug in' to a third party auction back office or 'hook up' to a software solution API we've got the expertise to help.

We've got auction plugins for the DVLA, RightMove, Loquate, SagePay, Stripe, WorldPay, Xero and many more 'out of the box'.

EvoSoft - Evo Auction NAV Platform Integration

Out of the Box Evo Auction NAV Integration

The Industry Leading Solution

Trusted by leading auctioneers across Europe our integration talks comprehensively to the NAV back office with auto auction upload, client registration, commission, timed and live bidding imports to NAV, online payments and a full suite of transactional emails and client paperwork.

Fast replatforming service for NAV and ATG clients

Need to re-platform?

Our migration engineers will take all of your existing data* and format it ready to migrate into the Auction Marketer platform.

Whether you are coming from Pacts, BidPath, Go, GAP, Bidmaster or a host of others we make the data migration and web relaunch an easy process.

* Data needs to be supplied or accessible

Integrating with ATG GAP Office

Custom Front End for ATG Clients

If you are a GAP office user you may be finding their vanilla white label front end system limiting.

We have a full integration to the GAP back office that lets you run your own web site, giving you control of your users, and your search engine effectiveness whilst using GAP Office for the back office day to day functions.

Linking to other back office solutions

Still running legacy systems?

Our solutions have easy export/import tools to enable you to have a smart and functioning auction web site whilst you move across to Bid Office or another back office solution.

Don't let your old system hold you back, we offer phased pricing for migration clients.

ATG GAP Integration

Connecting with the Auction Technology Group

GAP White Label Live Bidding

Using the GAP White Label Live Bidding with Single Sign On

Auction Marketer were the first to develop the full single sign on integration between an auction web platform and the ATG GAP Office white labelled version of their live bidding solution ''

Discover Bidstream Today...

To get a better understanding of our 3rd party integrations please contact sales. We have the most complete set of integrations on the market. +44 (0) 1604 695800


ATG GAP Office to BidStream Data Integration Solutions

BidStream have a powerful data integration to push and pull data between our platform and the ATG for clients, auctions, lots and bids.

And with our single sign on to the ATG timed auction platform coming soon we will offer a full suite of integrations allowing you to have a beautiful web solution connected to the ATG back office tools!

We have established and proven integrations for the three most popular enterprise auction back office systems...
EvoAuction by EvoSoft

The only complete integration web site suite that allows you to get the very best from this excellent NAV auction solution and your auction website.

GAP Office by the ATG

The first single sign on integration between a web platform and the ubiquitous ATG GAP live bidding solution, with additional back office integrations available.


Full web service solution for clients, catalogues, bids and invoices developed by Auction Marketer to make the most of NetSuite and your auction web site.