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Renowned Fine Art Auctioneer

Roseberys needed a seamless way to link their Microsoft Business Central back-office system with a holistic front-end application, ensuring real-time synchronisation between the two.

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Here’s what happened when
Rosebery's Auctions
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Renowned Fine Art Auctioneer

Rosebery's London, a renowned Fine Art Auctioneer, serves a worldwide clientele. As their operations expanded, they sought an integration solution for their Microsoft Business Central back-office system with an all-encompassing front-end platform. This platform would facilitate online auctions and provide clients with a virtual office detailing their auction transactions and history.

The Challenge:

Bespoke Integration:

Roseberys needed a seamless way to link their Microsoft Business Central back-office system with a holistic front-end application, ensuring real-time synchronization between the two.

User Experience:

The aim was to design a digital customer experience mirroring the depth and visual appeal of a printed catalogue, allowing users to navigate through an organized, informative, and interactive platform.

The Solution:

Collaboration with BCN Group:

Through Roseberys, Auction Marketer collaborated with the BCN Group, initiating the development of a shared toolset to facilitate real-time integration between the Microsoft Business Central and the BidStream™ live auction and auction management software.

Utilising BidStream™:

The core of this integration rested on the BidStream™ live auction software. This software became the foundation for the project, ensuring real-time auction management and customer interactions.

Custom Features for Enhanced UX:

Roseberys introduced new features, including an extended catalogue function. This allowed them to segment catalogues, accentuate specific images for lot promotions, and replicate the feel of a tangible catalogue. Crucially, all these features could be manipulated directly from the Microsoft Business Central back office.

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Structured Content Design:

Auction Marketer structured the website's content according to a clear taxonomy, ensuring logical flow and intuitive user navigation. For instance, each department page showcases upcoming auctions, historical auctions, team members, the latest news, and prominent lots specific to that department. Additionally, staff profiles are linked to related department pages, news articles, and upcoming auctions, guaranteeing a consistently updated browsing journey for Roseberys' clientele.


Roseberys now boasts a fully integrated online auction system that doesn’t just facilitate bids but provides an immersive experience for their global clientele. The content-driven design ensures users always have access to the latest information, and the seamless back-to-front office connection means Roseberys can efficiently manage and update their online presence.

By trusting Auction Marketer with this project, Roseberys successfully transformed their digital auction infrastructure, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the fine art auctioneering industry.

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