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Commodities Live Auction Platform

Discover how we delivered a completely bespoke live bidding platform for this government-backed commodity auctioneer.

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Here’s what happened when
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Commodities Live Auction Platform

British Wool is a leading auction house specialising in the collection, grading, marketing, and sale of British wool to the international wool textile industry. With a focus on providing top-quality wool for use in flooring, furnishings, and apparel, British Wool plays a crucial role in connecting producers with buyers worldwide.

"We selected Auction Marketer to be our partner after an extensive tender process. The purpose of the project was to offer a high degree of flexibility to customers through offering on-line auctions”

— Andrew Hogley, CEO

The Challenge:

British Wool recognised the need to modernise its auction process to better serve its clients and streamline operations. Traditionally, wool auctions involved complex logistics and manual processes, making it challenging for both buyers and sellers to participate efficiently. British Wool sought a technology partner to develop a bespoke auction platform tailored to the unique requirements of the wool industry.

Our Solution:

Auction Marketer collaborated closely with British Wool to create a cutting-edge auction website designed to revolutionise the wool auction experience. Leveraging our expertise in auction software development, we introduced a range of tailor-made features to meet British Wool's specific needs:

1. Pre-Approval System: To ensure a secure bidding environment, bidders are required to undergo pre-approval before participating in auctions, enhancing trust and transparency in the process.

2. Data-Driven Approach: Unlike traditional auction platforms, our tailored solution for British Wool was highly data-driven, allowing them to input detailed information about each lot, including grade, micron, dry yield, veg matter, colour, and more. This empowers buyers to make informed decisions based on comprehensive product insights.

3. Price Transparency: Bids are made per kilo, and our system calculates and displays the average price per kilo for each lot, giving bidders valuable pricing information to inform their bidding strategy. The system also provides clarity on how much bidders will pay per kilo for both greasy and clean material, ensuring complete transparency throughout the bidding process.

4. Dynamic Starting Bids: Auctioneers have the flexibility to adjust the starting bid price from the backend in real-time, ensuring competitive pricing and maximising bidding activity.

5. Bid Extension Feature: To facilitate the sale of unsold lots, our platform includes a feature that allows bidders to place bids on remaining lots at the end of the auction, extending opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

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The implementation of Auction Marketer's bespoke auction platform has yielded significant benefits for British Wool and its stakeholders:

- Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined auction processes have reduced administrative burdens and improved overall efficiency for British Wool and its clients.

- Increased Transparency: The transparent pricing model and detailed lot information have fostered trust and confidence among buyers, leading to increased participation and higher sales.

- Improved Decision-Making: Buyers can now make more informed purchasing decisions, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

- Enhanced Flexibility: The flexibility of the platform, including dynamic starting bids and bid extensions, has provided British Wool with greater control over auctions and improved outcomes.


Through our partnership with British Wool, we have demonstrated our commitment to innovation and excellence in auction software development. By delivering a bespoke auction platform tailored to the unique needs of the wool industry, we have empowered British Wool to enhance efficiency, transparency, and profitability, setting a new standard for wool auctions in the digital age.

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