Timed Online Auctions

John Pye Property Auctions


• Timed Online Only Auctions
• KYC/Tokenised Online Deposits
• Integration to 3rd Party Solutions
• Propery Auction Modules


2017 to date

Online Only Property Auctions

John Pye are a large independent auctioneer based in Nottingham, England. Established in 1968, they were an early adopter of internet technologies and are now the leader in commercial online only auctions in the UK.

In 2013 they opened a property auction business and in 2017 Auction Marketer were engaged to help them build a resilient online only bidding platform for the division.

The new platform needed to be able to cope with a high volume of traffic and to assist in performing KYC on clients registering to bid, taking online tokenised bidder deposits against every property to reduce fraudulent bidding.

The Auction Marketer solution has been live since 2018 and has allowed John Pye Property to present properties for auction in a fully mobile responsive environment with all of the relevant details available for purchasers on well laid out mobile responsive web pages.

The auction platform allows John Pye Property to register clients with due diligence and run their timed online only auctions independently, providing a significant operational cost advantage over traditional auctioneers and aggregation platforms as they grow this area of their business portfolio.

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Property Auction Modules

Auction Marketer have built out a number of modules for use in property auctions. From client KYC, PEP and sanctions, online deposits and ID gathering, solicitors dashboards, vendor management, live and timed bidding solutions, a full suite of vendor and buyer paperwork solutions and API integrations to 'RightMove' and 'On the Market' we've got the vertical covered.

Auction Marketer can also integrate their solution to traditional property sales web sites subject to scope/specification.

If you are looking to replatform or improve your Property Auction business please contact Auction Marketer for a discovery call or as part of your official RFI/Tender processes.